Spa Hotel Richmond specialises in treatment of obesity, diabetes mellitus arteriosclerosis, gastroentrerologic diseases, (diseases of stomach, liver gall bladder, pancreas and intestines),

locomotor system diseases (spinal column and joints).

The comprehensive spa treatment in Karlovy Vary has been based on a tradition more than 600 years old.

The core of the treatment methodology is based on a prescription of the local natural mineral water drinking cure. The unique composition of the water favours the fat and sugar metabolism and has also a positive influence on the digestive tract. In principal, the process includes a supply of ions, mineral salts and gases at a specific ratio, volume and temperature.

It produces a particular influence on the overall mineral and water management, resorption, ion transfer, deposition and secretion.

One of the most important features of the comprehensive spa treatment is the movement therapy. Remedial gymnastics organised individually or in groups, regulated walk - abouts and field therapy are offered.

Integrated in the comprehensive spa treatment of the digestive tract diseases is proper nutrition and the patient ´s dietary regime. Patients are offered a wide range of dietary meals. The diet is prescribed on an individual basis according to the kind of a disease.

Upon starting the spa treatment, the patient is examined by the attending physician. The physician evaluates the patient ´s overall state of health and appropriate programme of spa treatment is determined.

According to the individual clinical signs of the disease the balneological procedures are prescribed by our doctors. All medical treatments, such as aquatherapy, underwater-massages, carbonic baths, medicinal mud wraps, acupuncture and others are performed in the medical section of the hotel.


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